• 29/02/2016

    FCC's revenue rose 2.2% in 2015 due to growth in international markets

    FCC Group's revenue was up 2.2% to 6.476 billion euros in 2015. This improvement was due to a 9.8% growth in revenue from international markets, which was seen across all business areas, particularly Water (+39.5%). FCC Industrial, the group’s installation, service and maintenance business, saw revenues rise 7.5%. Its EBITDA was also up 3.8% due to collaboration and exploration of synergies with ...

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  • 17/02/2016

    Metro de Lima Consortium Wins the PFI 2015 Americas, Deal of the Year award for Line 2 Financing

    The size of the deal, innovative use of debt instruments and its structuring, were recognised at the PFI 2015 awards ceremony held in London this month. Members of the Consortium, which includes Iridium Concesiones, Cosapi, FCC Construction, Ansaldo STS, Ansaldo Breda and Salini Impregilo, as well as Fernando Valdez, the ...

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  • 26/01/2016

    Communiqué by FCC in connection with the "Acuamed case"

    - The Company's claims relate to amounts owed for work that was actually performed. FCC has presented a claim for the amounts due to it, in accordance with the applicable legislation.- FCC, the Citizen Services Group, is cooperating and will cooperate fully with the justice authorities, as it always does, to assist in clarifying the events. To that end, it will provide all the documentation in ...

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